Meet Caleb

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Caleb Kinchlow is an Emmy Award Winning Host, Digital Lifestyle Contributor, and Multimedia Producer with a focus on technology and youth empowerment. Some of his most notable assignments and awards have included, Technology Blogger for The Huffington Post, two Emmys, one as the Host of a entertainment education series for NASA (NASA360) and as the Producer/Host-Digital Lifestyle Contributor for the CBN News Digital Download technology show. 

Caleb also received a Parents Choice Education Award as the Host of Colonial Williamsburg’s Emmy Award Winning live call- in program HERO Live, syndicated on PBS and streaming in over a thousand schools across the country.

As a Multimedia Producer, Kinchlow has provided on location social media coverage and production during four Super Bowls(XLVI,XLIX,50,LV) MLB World Series, NCAA Final Four, disaster areas and celebrity interviews.

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In front of the lens, he conducted one on one interviews with high-profile personalities such as Grammy Winner Lecrae Moore2012 Miss America,  New York Time Best Selling Author Bishop T.D. Jakes and provided live on location coverage of the 2017 Eclipse for NASA in the path of totality.

Along with his professional accomplishments, Caleb previously served for two years as the Fine Arts Director for Youth Entertainment Studios in Norfolk Virginia. The (YES) program was designed to use fine arts as a catalyst to teach inner city students life skills. He also finds the time to travel and motivates students of all ages from Middle School to College with his central topic, “You Are Born For Greatness.” Caleb’s sessions focus on communicating to students the importance and the understanding of one’s purpose based on the idea “ If You Don’t Know the Purpose of something you will Abuse It, Including Your Own Life”


Caleb holds a M.A. from Regent University in Digital Media, a B.S. from Southeastern University in Broadcast Television and a Minor in Film from The Los Angeles Film Studies Center. During his last semester, Kinchlow gained industry experience in the scripting department as an Intern for Turner Broadcasting in Burbank, CA. While in undergrad, he and his classmates created a national faith & pop culture program called RAW TV, where Caleb served as the Host and Creative Director. The University continues to use the syndicated program as a training ground for their communication students. Upon graduating the Faculty honored Caleb with the “Most Outstanding Broadcast Major” Award.